In the contemporary world of bespoke lighting, it goes beyond just brightening up a space. As lighting is transformed into centre pieces and works of art under the hands of designers and artists, bespoke lighting has become a symbol of status and luxury. To stay in the eye of the ever-lasting storm of change and innovation that is bespoke lighting, a team of well-versed and technically skilled professionals are required to provide value engineering and design development to enable a designer’s vision to flow into reality. CMC is one such team, capable of creating bespoke lighting that meets the highest quality standard and cost effectiveness. Together we work with stakeholders, designers and consultants to bring forth the best Decorative Lighting in their projects.
We are a Manufacturer of Bespoke Decorative Lights. Our services & products includes:
  • Customisation of lighting solution
  • Design & making of bespoke lighting
  • Design development and Value engineering
  • We have a team of experienced installers to provide on-site installation if required

WINNING TRUST & CONFIDENCE WITH OUR PROFESSIONALISM & ABILITIES To serve our international clientele better, we have established a number of offices in Singapore, China and the Philippines.
Our very own production plant is a sprawling factory that houses a design studio, a R&D department, test workshops, and a facility utilising CNC and acting machines with time-honoured artisanal craftsmanship, to develop and manufacture luxury lighting for our international clientele.

Constantly in pursuit of perfection matched with our excellent production and management infrastructure, we are able to provide cost effective solutions, while ensuring high quality standards are always met and offering more flexibility in bespoke and customised lighting. At CMC, we pride ourselves as an industry leader by passionately producing stunning lighting pieces with a quick production lead-time, to meet the demands of International businesses and ensure punctual delivery of orders.

To be the global leader in design and manufacturing of bespoke decorative lighting, integrating Value Engineering and Customer’s Satisfaction.
We are committed to efficiently design, develop and manufacture high-quality, bespoke decorative lighting with optimal results at cost effective prices.
We are flexible to design, customise and adapt to our customers and stakeholders’ needs, providing tailored services from start to finish.
Savoir Faire
Our immense know-how, together with our capabilities, ensure rapid execution of ideas into final products.
At CMC, we are dedicated to and guarantee excellent quality. We are committed to our customers and our stakeholders with an excellent customer service standard and a knowledgeable team of professionals with matches experience in bespoke lighting.
We are passionate in developing a sustainable future by caring for the environment in a professional way and manufacturing in a more sustainable manner.
CMC is an industry innovator, striving relentlessly to find new lighting solutions using current and new technology.
Laser cutting Laser cutting Sculpturing
Casting Glass making Glass making
The art of glass making
Sculptural objects & bespoke lighting created and produced by our finest craftsmanship,
in cast bronze, cast iron and cast aluminum material, from inception to completion
Art of making a high quality crystal finishing product
Sculpture Artpiece Made Of Resin Material